Here is your pre-listened to music, so you don’t have to. it is good, you should purchase it.

If you give money to popular music, you are feeding the state.
Popular music is fed to the public, masses of moronic sheep herded through life by capitalist fat-cats. Some music is an escapism for people, most music is layered with subliminal messages that the state want you to ingest and abide.

In a repressive state, people believe that the control is held by examples such as; Police and Army. However, what actually controls and pacifies society is the media; newspapers/television/entertainment/music.
This system seems entirely natural to us but when critically thinking about our surroundings this capitalist system is incredibly weird. Media has us idolising the products they have built. How can Jessie J and her fad music be a child’s hero and not a fireman? A professional who risks his or hers life numerous amounts of time throughout their career. If Jessie J turns up late to a concert it’s an annoyance, but if a fireman turns up late to a 999 distress call? It’s devastating.

Marxism questions the concept: why would we have a system where the rich stay incredibly rich and the poor stay incredibly poor? Karl Marx believed in a communist revolution, but the word society may as well be removed from the dictionary these days.

There is no society, there are men, women and their families.” - Thatcher, M.

Each year gas prices are raised, and each year elderly people die. Elderly people will die this winter due to gas expenses. An elderly person will receive a higher gas bill and fear their budgetted expenses and will therefore cut down their gas use. This winter a shareholder of British Gas will travel to a warmer continent until the winter freeze has disappeared from the UK.
One person dies, one person stays warm.
A system where people do not care if an elderly person dies this winter, because their shares are through the roof in Wall Street. Why do we not take the shareholder to the elderly persons home, and set fire to them?
One person dies, one person stays warm.

The social pattern has changed from a society, to individualisation. Rather than coming together and opting for communism, starting a revolution, we hold an election every four years and vote in another party to run the capitalist system for us.

Propaganda is embedded into popular culture, especially across the USA and UK. (paying money for a song that the state wants you to purchase and listen to and remain oppressed) Popular songs are very childish, regressive, simple lullabies to keep you in a child-like state. It is a genius system.
Basic structured songs that you end up whistling at the end of the day. (This can span across to the genre classified as ‘indie’ Vampire Weekend have especially pacifying tracks. Simple keyboard/guitar that sounds like a child’s xylophone.)
Serious music would exercise our minds to begin using critical thinking, but EMI and it’s shareholders don’t want to challenge you, they just want you to buy the art that they don’t care about.©

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